Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simple, Easy Raw Young Coconut Smoothie or Coconut Mylk

This morning I fixed a Coconut Smoothie or Coconut Mylk for breakfast using a young Thai coconut and it's own water. Once you learn how to open the coconut, it's a breeze and so yummy!!  I have tried the coconut milk drinks at the grocery store and thought they were disgusting! This is awesome!!!

Easiest way to open is to leave it in the wrap it comes in, like saran wrap, take a sharp kitchen knife, peel off the outer husk, when you see the 3 veins, stick the knife in at an end to the vein, then wiggle, it will simply open in a circle, very cool when you get it right but it may take some practice. Will try to post a video soon.
 Simply pour the coco's water into a blender, scoop out the meat with a spoon, make sure it's white meat, and blend.

I use a Vitamix, it's expensive but it's so worth it!

Drink up all the great live enzymes and the health benefits of young coconuts!

Did you know that Coconut water is the best electrolyte source in the world?  Same levels as blood plasma!

People in countries where coconuts are part of the daily diet have a higher metabolic rate, lower serum cholesterol, and the women do not suffer typical signs of menopause than those here in the United States! 


Sabrina S., M.S.

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