Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review of Ultimate Weighted Forearm and Calf Sleeves from Jillian Michaels.

So as I am always looking for a tool to aid in getting fit I saw that Dick's Sporting Goods had the Jillian Michaels Ultimate Weighted Forearm and Calf Sleeves on sale for $5 down from $25! I decided I would try them out!

The forearm pair weigh 2 lbs each, the leg pair weigh 3 lbs each. You simply slip them on and then you may tighten them if needed with velcro straps.
Calf sleeves

Let me say that you should NOT wear the calf pair for running or walking as it puts too much stress on your knee and ankle joints. Besides that I could barely get mine up to my calf it was so tight. I used them while doing core exercises and abs while not wearing shoes. I have muscular calves due to all of my previous years of kickboxing, weight training, and exercise in general. They were comfortable and they did make a difference in the workout. Getting them off of my legs is another story as it took me forever to take them off. I ended up screaming at them, lol. What happens is that you sweat very easily in them due to the neoprene, then when you go to take them off they stick to your skin. For this reason you do NOT want to share them with anyone else! They may get easier to take them off upon use.

Forearm sleeves with slide pocket.

The forearm sleeves were much easier to put on and off. They also helped make the exercises more challenging and you also get a light resistance training in. Nothing big, being that it is 2 lbs a piece but if you are coming off an injury or simply want a very light workout they 2 lbs can and do make a difference!

The slide pockets are perfect for an MP3 player or using them with the Wii, you can put the hand controls in the sleeve leaving your hands free! 

When beginning to training with weights again after my back injury, I was very weak and when doing shoulder exercises I could only do 5 lb dumbbells so these actually add a small amount of resistance that I like! They slide up above your wrist line so in does not compromise the angles of your hand. I have also used them while walking on my treadmill and jogging around my house. Love them for adding a little more resistance while walking!

It seems that these weights would benefit anyone looking to push themselves a little more. Because of how the weight is disbursed the weights do not cause pain in the area. The weight is is on the anterior (front) portion of your limbs and that fact also allows you to build muscle in those areas. Runners who experience shin splints can really benefit from building up those muscles. Upon doing so, shin splints will dissipate.    

The way I see it, for $5 each why not try them out? You may love them as I have discovered I have! At your Dick's Sporting Goods, they may still be marked $19.99 but this is typically caused by an associate missing the markdown. If you take it to the register for a price check it should be priced at $4.97!

Have a great workout!

Sabrina S., M.S.

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