Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, quick workout!

Got a quick workout in today due to errand running!
Did almost 2 miles on the treadmill and about 10 minutes on the Stepmill.

Almost didn't make it to the gym but after a friend of ours was found dead in my man's office, (he was doing floor work for us in exchange for rent, died of a heart attack, and learning my aunt has 3 weeks to live due to Cancer, I MADE the time to get a quick workout in and am going to fit in some Pilates after I get off the computer. Both people are so nice!! Such a shame!

Having tea later! Remember, antioxidants are great for helping keep you healthy and young!!

Will weigh myself tomorrow morning. Not expecting much loss as I cheated on Thursday when we were doing physicals and ate a lot of PIZZA!!!! Never have it and I was starving so I ate WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Till next time! Keep Moving!!!! 

First private plane ride.

Sabrina S., M.S.

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