Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target a HIT!

So this morning I was up at 5am anticipating the new collection! At 6am the Target site had the collection! I didn't buy anything because I always like to try things on at the store! Big mistake! I was the first person in my Target store and got lots of items, $800 worth but they still didn't have everything I was looking for! I was told by more than one customer that the site had crashed due to the number of people logging on! WOW!!!

I can tell you this, this is the first "collection for Target" that I have been nuts about! If you know Missoni then you should figure they aren't going to allow ill fitted clothing even if it is for Target! The clothes all feel great, and they look great on all figures! I am a size 12-14 (for now) and wear an XL in all the Missoni dresses and tops, shorts and pants a Large.

This collection is something worth going to see if you love the designs but that said, the flats are very flimsy, didn't buy them, I did get a pair of the pumps as they are actually comfy and look great! The rain boots look good also but I already have a pair of Coach rain boots so I passed due to them having a defect on the boot.

I did get 3 silk scarves, umbrella, bed duvet, throw, and my favorite items were this ensemble:

If you absolutely are looking for something and they are sold out at your store or online, send me a message, if I can get it I will let you know!

There are a few items I wanted and my store just didn't get them but I am hoping tomorrow they will because another truck is delivering then!