Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver Shatter by OPI review

Hi guys! I've seen the Silver Shatter by OPI in tons of mags and just recently it became available in a store near me! The black always sold out but I wasn't too interested in it anyway. I did grab the silver Shatter on Friday! Now I, along with many others can get lazy about the upkeep on our nails due to the fact that we as women are always so busy who has an hour to go and sit at the salon to get a manicure? I simply don't!

Well, long story short, I had my nails painted red, they were chipping some so I decided to put the silver Shatter over them. Let me tell you, this idea is brilliant! Not only does it hide flaws in you polish, but it gives them a very cool look! I can't find any of the other colors yet, interested in the teal, but with Silver, it's a color that will go with any other color you may have at home already! My Shatter was done on Saturday, in the car on a road trip! Very easy!!!

Silver Shatter by OPI over bright Red nail polish
I simply LOVE the look!

Sabrina S., M.S.

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