Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great FREE App for tracking weight loss!

I downloaded the free App TargetWeight from Tactio for my iphone to help track my weight loss. I love the fact that it's very easy!

You set your profile, height, weight, etc, and put in your target weight and date that you WISH to lose it by, I say wish because you can almost never meet your "goal" weight by the time you "Wish" to!

Every day that you enter your weight it graphs it for you from the time you have begun so you can see it on a picture, instead of numbers! I've always been a person who learns better when I see my progress instead of just seeing numbers.

It also states your current BMI, Body Mass Index. If you are muscular, male or female, do not pay too much attention to the BMI as it truly is an outdated practice but unfortunately lots of medical personnel and insurance companies still use it for their guidelines.

Today I weighed myself and I came in at 179.2 pounds. Remember, with water weight you can fluctuate 2-3 pounds per day.

Sabrina S., M.S.

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