Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ouidad Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray Review

I've been trying some of Ouidad's products recently and must admit that my curly hair loves everything I have tried from their line! This is no exception! I spray this on my hair after my leave in conditioner and let my hair air dry. My hair is not scrunchy but rather has my bouncy curls that I love, and they remain frizz free! YOu can spray them again once your hair is dry to hold your style even more if you like.

I live in the south where high humidity is a problem from late April through fall so I have tried almost every product out there! I will stick with this!

Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Repair Review

This deep conditioner is what us curly haired girls have been looking for! Even if you straighten your curls, you NEED this! Yes, it is a little on the pricier side but it will give you the same results that you get at a salon and you can do more than 1 treatment so it will save you money in the long run! This really brought my hair back to life as I color it, straighten it sometimes, and wear it in a ponytail a lot! This has saved my hair!

I don't typically stand with a hair dryer in my hand while a shower cap is on. I put it in my hair, add a shower cap, blast it with heat a few minutes then go and do what I was doing around my house.

You can also use a very small amount as a leave in conditioner! I did this while I was out by the pool and it helped keep the chlorine out and gave me a very deep treatment!

Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo Review

Love this shampoo! It clarifies your hair without stripping color or moisture!

Typically when I see clarifying on a shampoo I avoid it at all costs! My hair is curly, fine, and color treated! I have tried clarifying shampoos before and upon rinsing the product out my hair felt completely dry and ratty! This rinsed clean and I could run my fingers through my hair before I even used my conditioner! Now that is saying something!

I used my normal conditioner and my hair even while wet seemed healthier and moved more freely.

I have a filter on my shower so for this product to still have this kind of effect on my hair, even though I don't have a chlorine build-up tells me that I will be re-purchasing it when this bottle is empty!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver Shatter by OPI review

Hi guys! I've seen the Silver Shatter by OPI in tons of mags and just recently it became available in a store near me! The black always sold out but I wasn't too interested in it anyway. I did grab the silver Shatter on Friday! Now I, along with many others can get lazy about the upkeep on our nails due to the fact that we as women are always so busy who has an hour to go and sit at the salon to get a manicure? I simply don't!

Well, long story short, I had my nails painted red, they were chipping some so I decided to put the silver Shatter over them. Let me tell you, this idea is brilliant! Not only does it hide flaws in you polish, but it gives them a very cool look! I can't find any of the other colors yet, interested in the teal, but with Silver, it's a color that will go with any other color you may have at home already! My Shatter was done on Saturday, in the car on a road trip! Very easy!!!

Silver Shatter by OPI over bright Red nail polish
I simply LOVE the look!

Sabrina S., M.S.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review of Ultimate Weighted Forearm and Calf Sleeves from Jillian Michaels.

So as I am always looking for a tool to aid in getting fit I saw that Dick's Sporting Goods had the Jillian Michaels Ultimate Weighted Forearm and Calf Sleeves on sale for $5 down from $25! I decided I would try them out!

The forearm pair weigh 2 lbs each, the leg pair weigh 3 lbs each. You simply slip them on and then you may tighten them if needed with velcro straps.
Calf sleeves

Let me say that you should NOT wear the calf pair for running or walking as it puts too much stress on your knee and ankle joints. Besides that I could barely get mine up to my calf it was so tight. I used them while doing core exercises and abs while not wearing shoes. I have muscular calves due to all of my previous years of kickboxing, weight training, and exercise in general. They were comfortable and they did make a difference in the workout. Getting them off of my legs is another story as it took me forever to take them off. I ended up screaming at them, lol. What happens is that you sweat very easily in them due to the neoprene, then when you go to take them off they stick to your skin. For this reason you do NOT want to share them with anyone else! They may get easier to take them off upon use.

Forearm sleeves with slide pocket.

The forearm sleeves were much easier to put on and off. They also helped make the exercises more challenging and you also get a light resistance training in. Nothing big, being that it is 2 lbs a piece but if you are coming off an injury or simply want a very light workout they 2 lbs can and do make a difference!

The slide pockets are perfect for an MP3 player or using them with the Wii, you can put the hand controls in the sleeve leaving your hands free! 

When beginning to training with weights again after my back injury, I was very weak and when doing shoulder exercises I could only do 5 lb dumbbells so these actually add a small amount of resistance that I like! They slide up above your wrist line so in does not compromise the angles of your hand. I have also used them while walking on my treadmill and jogging around my house. Love them for adding a little more resistance while walking!

It seems that these weights would benefit anyone looking to push themselves a little more. Because of how the weight is disbursed the weights do not cause pain in the area. The weight is is on the anterior (front) portion of your limbs and that fact also allows you to build muscle in those areas. Runners who experience shin splints can really benefit from building up those muscles. Upon doing so, shin splints will dissipate.    

The way I see it, for $5 each why not try them out? You may love them as I have discovered I have! At your Dick's Sporting Goods, they may still be marked $19.99 but this is typically caused by an associate missing the markdown. If you take it to the register for a price check it should be priced at $4.97!

Have a great workout!

Sabrina S., M.S.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A trying week!

Sorry, I haven't been keeping up like I thought I could! This week has been trying!!

Last Sunday a man died in our back office while he was cleaning it, this past Wednesday, my man got bit in the face by a dog of ours, by mistake (was coming out of anesthesia, bit down, then went back to sleep and slept for another 12+ hours!), so my man had to have emergency surgery on Wed. evening!

Taking care of him has been my main priority! Plus we have 2 new canines and have been building a separate enclosure for them! Tough week!!!

Hoping to start exercising again tomorrow!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rainy & HOT Tuesday!!

Weighed myself this morning, 180 lbs. That's ok because I cheated like crazy on Pizza last week!

I didn't go to the gym today, wanted to work also but instead I stayed home and worked our in my home gym. Did some Pilates work and man was it work!!!

Used my rebounder for at least 20 minutes for cardio, then used another machine for a whole body strengthening Pilates session!

I made some delicious Coconut Mylk this morning for breakfast! Making Almond milk tonight and Banana Bread from the Almond Pulp!

Time to go shower and get ready for Physicals! No pizza tonight though! I am cooking first!!

Remember, every step you take you may take 2 back until you get your footing and start to run!!! I like that! It just came to me!!! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, quick workout!

Got a quick workout in today due to errand running!
Did almost 2 miles on the treadmill and about 10 minutes on the Stepmill.

Almost didn't make it to the gym but after a friend of ours was found dead in my man's office, (he was doing floor work for us in exchange for rent, died of a heart attack, and learning my aunt has 3 weeks to live due to Cancer, I MADE the time to get a quick workout in and am going to fit in some Pilates after I get off the computer. Both people are so nice!! Such a shame!

Having tea later! Remember, antioxidants are great for helping keep you healthy and young!!

Will weigh myself tomorrow morning. Not expecting much loss as I cheated on Thursday when we were doing physicals and ate a lot of PIZZA!!!! Never have it and I was starving so I ate WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Till next time! Keep Moving!!!! 

First private plane ride.

Sabrina S., M.S.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great FREE App for tracking weight loss!

I downloaded the free App TargetWeight from Tactio for my iphone to help track my weight loss. I love the fact that it's very easy!

You set your profile, height, weight, etc, and put in your target weight and date that you WISH to lose it by, I say wish because you can almost never meet your "goal" weight by the time you "Wish" to!

Every day that you enter your weight it graphs it for you from the time you have begun so you can see it on a picture, instead of numbers! I've always been a person who learns better when I see my progress instead of just seeing numbers.

It also states your current BMI, Body Mass Index. If you are muscular, male or female, do not pay too much attention to the BMI as it truly is an outdated practice but unfortunately lots of medical personnel and insurance companies still use it for their guidelines.

Today I weighed myself and I came in at 179.2 pounds. Remember, with water weight you can fluctuate 2-3 pounds per day.

Sabrina S., M.S.

Simple, Easy Raw Young Coconut Smoothie or Coconut Mylk

This morning I fixed a Coconut Smoothie or Coconut Mylk for breakfast using a young Thai coconut and it's own water. Once you learn how to open the coconut, it's a breeze and so yummy!!  I have tried the coconut milk drinks at the grocery store and thought they were disgusting! This is awesome!!!

Easiest way to open is to leave it in the wrap it comes in, like saran wrap, take a sharp kitchen knife, peel off the outer husk, when you see the 3 veins, stick the knife in at an end to the vein, then wiggle, it will simply open in a circle, very cool when you get it right but it may take some practice. Will try to post a video soon.
 Simply pour the coco's water into a blender, scoop out the meat with a spoon, make sure it's white meat, and blend.

I use a Vitamix, it's expensive but it's so worth it!

Drink up all the great live enzymes and the health benefits of young coconuts!

Did you know that Coconut water is the best electrolyte source in the world?  Same levels as blood plasma!

People in countries where coconuts are part of the daily diet have a higher metabolic rate, lower serum cholesterol, and the women do not suffer typical signs of menopause than those here in the United States! 


Sabrina S., M.S.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting back in shape!

Me in my mid-twenties.

No more kidding around! I am back on the band wagon after injuries have kept me off and fear of pain has kept me down!!!

I have 3 herniated discs in my back and they apparently have healed by now but that doesn't mean that for the rest of my life I will have it easy. I continually have to be careful about my back and the extra weight is not helping! When you injure your back and can't do anything but rehab for a year all of the surrounding muscles become atrophied. Now I am ready to start focusing on rebuilding my core strength which includes the back muscles.

Many think that core is stomach only, it's not. Your core surrounds your mid-section, anterior and posterior. It also includes your hamstrings, glutes, and psoas. The research shows that 90% of all back pain is due to tight hamstrings, weak abdominal muscles, and tight psoas muscles. You can fix all of these problems by stretching! The psoas is best stretched in a lunge position, the back leg will be tight up high, that is the psoas major.

Even a broken leg couldn't stop me from 
teaching the ROTC cadets at age 30!
When you have all the knowledge and experience of being a great personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, and then on top of that you have a degree in Sports Medicine, prior to that I was going to school to become a Registered Dietician, and 2 Master's, one in Exercise Physiology and the other in Cardiac Rehabilitation, you can think that some rules don't apply to you. Well, the human body is a machine but all rules apply to everyone at one time or another!!

I was in denial and what made me wake up was being backstage at a concert (my man is a physician for some rockers) and the lead singer didn't recognize me! That was one major blow! He asked where I was and upon finding out he began acting the same to me as he always had and not like I was a stranger.

Not this picture,
but another made
my heart sink!

But then a picture taken by a friend that evening really made my heart sink! I didn't recognize myself! I knew I had gained weight but I didn't realize how much till then! It's easy to be in denial when you have a man that loves you and never says a word about the weight gain!

When I brought it up that weekend he said he had seen me get out of bed one morning and just thought, what are you doing to yourself! He never said a word but thought I knew too much about this topic to be letting myself go like this!

The thing is I wasn't, "letting myself go" as others would say. I was still exercising and eating healthy meals but I was eating too much for the activity I was doing and I wasn't really pushing myself during my workouts because I was so fearful of "hitting the floor". Anyone who has major back issues will understand this term. Your back spasms and you literally hit the floor!

The weight started coming on after my back injury in 2006 and more in Graduate School due to hormone problems. We have been trying to have a child for over 2 years now and knowing that my hormone problems may be due to my weight (which may be linked to hormone problems), this vicious cycle has to stop! I do not want to go back on a prescription to have a cycle so I will try my hardest to get my weight back down to my previous weight and then take it from there.

I was at my heaviest last week and have decided to try and keep up with my blogging as I attempt to lose this weight! This is not only for vanity but also and more for my health. Had a full blood workup done along with an ECG and my cholesterol, and triglycerides, especially, are sky high, along with my weight.

Me, summer 2010, age 36.
I have lost a few pounds since last week and I am currently at 181 pounds. Man, first time I have seen that in writing! I am now 5' 6" due to shrinking 1" due to my herniated discs. Hopefully the next time I write I will state what I have done to better my health!! I will be writing some tips and exercises along with recipes so others may follow and become healthier with me!

Sabrina S., M.S.