Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Econo Spa Day!!!

Had a very economical spa day today! Started by going to my community center (felt like going somewhere different than my gym), paid the big $4 for entry & proceeded to the Women's Wet Area.  Changed into my bikini bottom, put a deep conditioner into my clean dry hair, ( I chose the Ouidad Deep Conditioner) and put my hair up to ensure I wouldn't get much on my back & shoulders. Also, I always take 3-4 bottles of refrigerated water, 24 OZ size with me to ensure I don't become dehydrated.

Hit the sauna first for about 10-15 minutes, laid down to relax, drank plenty of water while in the sauna, came out and took a cool shower to bring my body temperature back down.

I hit the steam room next, sometimes it smells like eucalyptus which is great but if it doesn't I have a blackberry essential oil & I add a few drops to where the steam is coming out & it smells like heaven!
I spent about 10 minutes there, they keep it very hot so about 10 minutes is all I can take.

Got back into the shower but this time used St. Ives apricot scrub and began to exfoliate my body from head to toe! This took about 5-7 minutes if you are in a rush then it may take a shorter time.

I then rinsed that exfolant off & again visited the sauna, this time for only about 7 minutes and entered the steam room one last time to reopen and purge my pores.

I dried my face and chest off along with the rest of my body and then continued to put a seweed mask on my entire body (keeping the bikini bottoms only on). Today there were some elderly women there and of course they began looking at me & as I explained what I was doing they all commented, I have masks at home, I need to bring them next time, lol.

Today I used a soothing seaweed mask from C.O. Bigelow that I purchased on sale at Bath & Body Works outlet!! I used a fan brush that I purchased at Michael's Crafts for less then $3 to apply the mask to my face. The brush helps with exfoliation also. I simply checked my emails on my cell while I waited 10-15 minutes for my body to dry. The face mask isn't suppose to get stiff, which is great! Sometimes I will use a clay mask but today wanted the minerals.

Got back into the shower, rinsed my face & body off, rinsed my hair next. You may need to use the exfoliant again to ensure you have all of the body mask off. This is also a great time to shave if you didn't prior!

Dried off, put lotion on all over my body, only used SPF on my face, due to the soothing mask, no moisturizer is necessary.

Got dressed and left. My skin, very soft & smooth, my hair, I let it air dry & it is very curly not frizzy!

Came home & my husband stated that I looked very relaxed!!! I told him, yep a $500 spa day for $4 + the products that I already had!!!

Pretty good economical spa day, don't you think????

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