Monday, February 8, 2010

Aveda Institue! Day of pampering for a fraction of cost!

This past Saturday I went to the Aveda Institute in Columbus, Ohio. I expected a school like Vidal Sassoon Academy but man was it so much more! You are welcomed with their Comfort tea and it does relax you! All products used are Aveda except for the nail polish which is OPI.

The services take a bit longer because students perform the services but mine did not the girl was great!
I wanted the color on their website and they obliged!

I first got my long hair (mid-back) colored ($55) and cut ($22); I simply got a trim, but anytime they use scissors, it is considered a cut. While they are waiting for the color to set I received an arm & hand massage! Upon being time to rinse you are taken to a room where you do not sit down, you lie down!
On a big padded table, with your knees held up by a triangle support pillow. After rinsing you are given a mini facial! Toner, cleansing and a massage!!! No other way to have your hair rinsed! Awesome!

When my hair was finished being styled I then went to get my pedicure ($25). Great massage, paraffin dip (I got peach), and they use a paddle no razors to get calluses etc off! My toes and feet look great & feel so soft!!!

Total= $105 with tax! No tip is accepted.
Total for Aveda Salon- Color for long hair- $80+ (all over only, no highlites), cut $32+, Spa Pedicure- $59- Total= $171 without tax and tipping is expected for each service.

I then went to the other location to get a facial and my eyelashes tinted so I do not have to wear mascara for 6 weeks!

The elemental nature facial ($45) was good, did 2 masks, had a massage on the face also, while she waited for the mask to finish I received a foot & leg massage along with shoulder & upper back! great! Did a few extractions but you could tell she was a student when she asked if I had been able to get a pore to open and she was talking about my beauty mark! NOT GOOD!

That lasted about an hour-1.5 hours, and then I moved on to my eyelash tint ($13). Another student did this & she also did a great job! She didn't make my eyes sting which is awesome! Always make sure you take out your contacts prior to having this service performed!

Total cost at the school for these pampering services- $63 with tax and no tip allowed. 
Aveda salon: $70 and up+, $28+ and up! Tipping expected!

So, for the day of pampering that started at 8:45am & ended about 3:45pm my day cost - $168 + parking lot costs!
At an Aveda salon in Ohio (bigger cities is probably more!) - $269 without adding taxes or tips!!!

Over $100 saved and due to the fact that they may condition your hair more you may actually save even more!!! I will definitely try to make the trip up there again!

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