Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker Review

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
I drink a lot of tea! Different types have many health benefits and once you start you simply can't stop! Tea unlike coffee doesn't give you a spike in energy then crash, it is an even release of energy throughout the day and whom doesn't love that! There are teas that help curb your appetite, relax, aid in digestion, and even fall asleep.

I have been wanting this tea maker for over 3 months now! Have researched it to death and finally was able to get one with a coupon to save myself 20% or $50 being that it retails for $249 and I have yet to find it "on sale"! I purchased it at Teavana, where I purchase most of my teas. It's a lot of money for some but we don't drink coffee in our house, just tea!

This is the first machine that is most like a coffee maker, being that you can set it to brew before you get up so that you have tea waiting for you! What I love about it also is that the basket automatically descends into the water and then once it has finished brewing it lifts the basket again!

For anyone who makes tea as much as I do using loose leaf tea, you know the pain of standing there waiting for the timer to go off because if you leave the leaves in too long you end up with a very bitter taste!

It is very easy to set up, clean, and use. The only downside I have noticed so far is that you must be VERY careful as to not run water over the Carafe. I am assuming because of the electronics under it on the base. If you drink tea you need not wash it because the more tea that is brewed in a pot the better and more complex the tea will taste from that point out.

Again, yes it is expensive, but so are the teas I purchase. With this machine I won't be wasting any of the tea leaves! We don't drink sodas, sweetened processed drinks, or coffee so in the long run we are saving money. I drink at least 4 cups a day (White, Rooibos, Oolong, Green, and Herbal, rarely black)  and if you go to Starbucks for tea, it's about $2.50+ for a cup so that would be $10 day. With that math it will pay for itself in about 30 days when you add in the cost that I pay for my leaves and German Rock Sugar or Agave.

If you have any questions then please ask! So far, I love this! It's a dream for tea drinkers!! 

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